The Benefits of Chevrolet Trucks for Commercial Drivers

Commercial organizations require trucks that offer reliable performance consistently throughout the working day. Their drivers come to depend on these vehicles for their work and it is imperative that business owners choose their vehicles wisely to maximize team productivity and ensure long-term business growth. The team at Humberview Chevrolet has a comprehensive understanding of the commercial trucking industry, and appreciate the numerous benefits that the Chevrolet truck offers for commercial drivers.

Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of the vehicle is a top consideration for many business owners. The truck must be able to perform challenging towing operations while maintaining speed and optimal performance efficiency. This is an area in which Chevrolet stands out for their engineering excellence. Consider, for example, the 2015 Express Full-Size Passenger Van, which has been designed to support over 10,000lbs of towing capacity.

Powerful Performance

The Chevrolet brand is also known for its powerful vehicle performance. This is highlighted by the Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab, which features a robust suspension system designed for snowplow, ambulance, rescue and utility applications. The Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab also features the Vortec 6.0L V8 engine with tow/haul mode to ensure the vehicle’s transmission is in the right gear and protected for even the toughest hauling challenge.

Complete Connectivity and Control

Drivers in commercial organizations must be constantly connected with their scheduling staff to ensure working operations are streamlined. This means they require the latest on-board connectivity technology to maintain clear contact. The leading Chevrolet commercial trucks are designed for high caliber connection in a range of areas. For example, the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado features the Chevrolet MyLink 8-inch diagonal touch-screen radio for quick response to text messages and simple control over radio function. The vehicle also includes the Chevrolet My Link Radio with Navigation for turn-by-turn directions to ensure drivers are always on the right track towards their next job.

Guaranteed Fuel Efficiency

With the need to consolidate their expenditure while running a high performance business, operators turn to Chevrolet commercial trucks because they understand that Chevrolet upholds a commitment to optimum fuel efficiency. This commitment is demonstrated with the City Express, which has been engineered for a 9.7 L/100 km city fuel consumption rating. The City Express also features 122.7 cubic feet of cargo volume, for the ultimate in terms of sleek performance and roomy portability.

Chevrolet continues to set the market standards when it comes to business vehicle performance. Their team understands the challenges business operators face, and works to resolve these challenges within their fleet of vehicles. To learn more about the full selection of commercial trucks now available through Chevrolet, speak with the vehicle experts at Humberview Chevrolet at (416) 236-1011 or visit their website at