So, you’re looking to get into a new car. You have three options: finance a car, lease it, or buy it outright. While we’d all love to have the cash reserves available to purchase a vehicle on the spot, in many cases, car financing makes more sense for the average budget.

If you’re considering financing, we have a number of options and rates depending on your credit score and vehicle of choice. Chevrolet offers a number of manufacturer financing deals on new vehicles, so be sure to ask us about any current promotions and limited-time, low car financing rates on the new Cruze, Silverado, Impala, Equinox, or any other model.

Humberview Chevrolet has an extensive nationwide network of lenders. You’ll find that we can get you quickly and easily approved for all makes and models on new Chevrolets. Once you choose a vehicle, our financing professionals will guide you through the financing process and show you all of the options available. The credit approval process is fast and straightforward, and there are no hidden fees to hinder you from getting behind the wheel.

Our dealership serves the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including Mississauga, Ontario. Fill out our online credit application and get approved today!

Bad Credit Financing

Bad credit can be remedied with an affordable car loan. The challenge is finding a lender who is willing to approve you. At Humberview Chevrolet, we want to give you a second chance to prove that you are capable of responsibly managing debt so you can get your credit score back on track.

As part of the Humberview Group, one of Canada’s most respected automotive groups, we have close relationships with some of the largest lending institutions in the Greater Toronto Area. That means we can provide you with more options than a single lender or independent car dealer could alone. More options means better rates, and the availability of more bad credit financing options.

Tips to Rebuild Your Credit

Getting approved for a car loan at Humberview Chevrolet is the first step to rebuilding your credit. But there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you stay on the road to good credit.


As a rule of thumb, try to choose a vehicle with monthly payments that don’t exceed 15% of your income. Bring your budget to us and we’ll give you a list of vehicles in our inventory that meet your requirements.

Increase Your Down Payment

The larger the down payment you can afford, the less debt you will have to deal with. Not only will you pay off your car loan faster, but you’ll get a lower interest rate and have a greater chance of approval.

Pay on Time

This part might seem obvious, but it can be more challenging than you’d think. Make note of when your vehicle payments are due, and be sure that you’ll have enough money in your account to cover the cost.