All Season and Summer Tires

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Did you know the best time to visit your dealer for maintenance is when the season changes?

Changing weather conditions mean you need to protect your vehicle from different elements. The sun’s rays can often cause overheating in the summer, but you need to change your wiper blades to combat the heavy snow in the winter. We recommend bringing in your vehicles to the Certified Service Centre for scheduled maintenance every 6 months or 6,000 km, but don’t forget to have your vehicle checked right before the summer and the winter.

When should you change tires?

Once the temperature is above seven degrees, it’s time to make the switch from your Winter tires to All-Seasons.

What’s the difference between All-Season, Summer, and Winter tires?
All-Season tires are designed for many different conditions and handle well in cooler and warmer temperatures. Although their tread is not well-suited for extreme conditions like winter, All-Season tires do the best job at providing balance for wet, dry, cool, and/or warm weather. This compromise means that it has better tread life, but worse traction for specific conditions.

Summer tires are designed to handle well in warm and dry or wet conditions. These are the most performance-oriented tires of the bunch with better grip on the road. Summer tires have grooves designed for the most effective removal of water from underneath the wheel, ensuring a better ride during the wettest conditions.

Winter tires are made from a different rubber compound and tread to bite into the snow and remain supple once it’s cold outside. Change to Winter tires once the temperature is at or below seven degrees.

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Tire Storage Special

Tire Storage Special

Changing to winter tires? Store your tires at Humberview from $139.95 this season*
* $139.95 for a season (8 months). See dealer for details.