Thinking of Purchasing a Commercial Chevrolet Truck to Expand Your Delivery Business

While there are many industries that benefit from using commercial trucks to conduct their daily affairs, delivery is by far one of the most lucrative. With the inception of Amazon and similar websites, purchasing goods on the internet has never been easier and delivery companies are flourishing.

Common Questions Asked About Commercial Chevrolet Trucks

Should I buy a truck for my expanding business?

Many businesses that decide to purchase a truck don’t start off in solely providing delivery services. They might start off as small businesses like flower shops and restaurants, and expanded to offer delivery due to customer needs. Consider buying a truck if your business is growing and you need to expand with it. If you see your business needing to carry many heavy items, having a truck might be more beneficial in the long-term.

Should I rent/lease a vehicle instead?

There are benefits to both owning a vehicle and leasing it. According to Gerald Koss, the Fleet Marketing Manager for Ford Motor Co., “while entrepreneurs choose to lease company cars, some choose to own vans and trucks because of the longer working life they’ll often see. Leasing can offer some tax advantages, as the lease payments are a deductible business expense.” If you decide to lease the vehicle, you can arrange payment options to fit your cash flow projection.It ultimately depends on your finances, and which option best fits your finance at that point in time. For more information, contact your financial advisor.

What kind of truck should I get?

This is entirely up to you. Consider what you will be using the vehicle for. Ask yourself things like:

  • Do I need a powerful engine?
  • What kind of carrying capacity do I need?
  • What kind of gas mileage do I need?

If you still have questions about purchasing a Chevrolet commercial truck for your delivery business, contact Humberview Chevrolet today by visiting their website at